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Amanda from Blue Ash

We have had our children enrolled in B.A.E.B since late May 2008, and have been delighted with the care you provide, even for very young babies. B.A.E.B. is a very special place, and a great resource for parents who are looking for a fine day care facility for their children. The facility is definitely impressive with its excellent equipment, many playgrounds and outdoor play areas, but even more important is how much the teachers truly care about our children, and as parents this is what we were most hoping to find in a daycare/preschool. Our experience with the staff has been overwhelmingly positive; they are nurturing, warm, and genuinely caring, while providing appropriate discipline and structure that our children need. The programs you provide are interesting, enriching, and fun; it is obvious to us that our children are engaged in interesting and fun activities during the day.

What has been most satisfying to us is the personal approach you have taken with our children, which is particularly remarkable given the size of the school. It is clear that you take the time to make sure our children are being challenged and prepared for the school years ahead, and that this is done on a very individualized basis. We absolutely never feel like our children are faces in the crowd; the teachers all seem to know them, even teachers who aren’t their teachers... and they don’t just know their names but they really seem to KNOW them. Very impressive.

We have been very pleased with B.A.E.B., and recommend you highly to other parents of young children. Thank you for all that you do! 

Blue Ash
Posted 1/13/2010