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Chris from Norwood

Greetings to all,

I have been inspired to write a message of praise to Mary Lynne, the teachers and caretakers of my children specifically, and the remaining, unmentioned keepers of the fundamental principles that make your facility glow.  Unwaveringly, throughout the duration of Corbin and Ava's enrollment, I have held your establishment in very high esteem.

The methods employed throughout the school have trickled into my home in many positive ways; discipline is taught, accountability holds, and, what I believe to be most important, learning is fun.  When I embark on an educational mission with them, which is daily, my children are always on board with a positive attitude.  They love to read, they listen and engage as well as their respective ages could be expected to, and they are social outside of the boundaries of my home and my care.  There would clearly be evidence that learning isn't so much fun or that reading is boring, if those tasks weren't positively embraced at school.

I cannot express in enough words how grateful I am to your effort.  I see merit in your facility, service, thoughtfulness, child care and well being, curriculum, school grounds, automobile traffic management, security, administration, all the way to how small and simple elements are addressed and how the caregivers individually interact with me as a parent.  I have seen other facilities and it is apparent that you strive to be the best, on a completely different plane.  Indeed, I am wholly satisfied, and I eagerly recommend you all with high praise.  You deserve recognition.


Posted 12/02/2009