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Dana from Kenwood

Our son has been going to Blue Ash Educational Building since he was 12 weeks old. Since he is our first child, we were a little nervous about sending him to day care. We visited several day cares and feel confident that we made the best choice! The staff went out of their way making Stellan (and me) feel comfortable right away. In addition to how welcoming the staff was, a few other things that helped us choose Blue Ash Educational Building were the hours, the variety of rooms/play areas, and the outside space for the kids.

Stellan fell in love with Miss Heather when he was in the infant room and still looks forward to seeing "Miss Header" every day. I always felt like he enjoyed being there but it is nice that he is old enough now to tell us about it! He is now in the Chickadee room and is eager to get to school in the morning. Stellan runs to the door to get in the car to go to school. He is excited to tell me he had fun when he is picked up after. I never worry about him while I am at work because I know he is not just taken care of, he is loved. Thank you!

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Posted 2/8/2011